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I appreciate you visiting my website. You might find it helpful to know that I am an Emeritus professor at UNR and a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. While at the university, I spent time as a department chair and Associate Dean. I also co-founded and was Director of the Downing Counseling Clinic. My specialty is working with couples. Over the years, I have found that individuals and couples most often present with communication issues. Sometimes these communication issues revolve around guilt, anger, resentment, power, and sex. Over time, these communication difficulties get a life of their own and create conditions that make it difficult to overcome. My approach is theoretically based in solution-focused and structural therapy. I also believe using a dialectical perspective with individuals and couples.

Starting in March, 2021 I will be offering both in-person and Zoom sessions. If you would like in-person, please know that I will be asking a few questions to ensure safety for both you and myself.

Thank you!

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